The benefits of before and after school programs for young children
Saturday, June 12th 2021, 3:00 AM

The seven advantages of a before and after school program for Kindergarten to Grade 5 kids

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The benefits of joining before and after school programs in the early years

Before and after school programs provide transformative learning experiences in unique settings that help young children discover what they love to do and how they can reach their full potential.

Decades of research prove before and after school helps kids attend school more often, get better grades, and build foundational skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Here are the undeniable benefits of sending young children to before and after school programs:

1. Safe and secure: Before and after school programs are a safe and structured space for young children, especially when their parents are away at work. The constant supervision and safety protocol followed by schools ensure a child’s well-being. While the constant engagement in age-appropriate and educational activities ensures the child is learning.

Kids ‘R’ Kids, Circa Fishhawk ensures that children are in the safest environment possible:

  • Clean classrooms: These include a personal place for belongings, organized learning centers, disinfected toys, and play areas, and child-sized sinks for washing hands.
  • Certified Teachers: Infant/Child and Adult CPR, and First Aid.
  • Glass Walls: Unlike typical daycare centers, Kids ‘R’ Kids’ classrooms feature tempered glass walls for maximum visibility and safety. 
  • Safety Guard on Door Hinges: The doors are padded at the hinges so that little fingers don’t get pinched when doors are opened and closed between classrooms.
  • Regular Drills: Tornado, fire, hurricane, and school lock-down drills are conducted for preparation is always a good policy.
  • Electronic Security: Coded entry ensures the entry of only authorized visitors.
  • Hiring Process: All staff undergo extensive state-mandated background checks
  • Front Desk: A well-staffed front desk for impeccable supervision of the facility and authorized entries only.
  • Security Cameras: Security cameras in classrooms are monitored at the front desk so owners and staff can easily watch classroom activities throughout the day. Families can also log in to a secure, password-protected website to check in on their child periodically. 
  • Nutritious meals: These are prepared onsite that exceed USDA guidelines. The dining experience at Kids ‘R’ Kids is created to enhance social skills and table manners and make parents happy in the knowledge that their kids are well taken care of.

2. Life skills: Whether it’s team sports or academic group activity, after-school programs help in the development of physical dexterity, mental toughness, and collaborative skills in children.   

3. Socialization: Before and after school programs allow more social time and more engagement with new and more people. This promotes cooperation, support, and respect for others. Kids in these programs are more likely to be included and feel like they’re part of a group. These programs often have more adult supervision than playground time offers.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids, G.Y.M curriculum® is ideal for “Growing Young Minds” wherein a child’s experience would range from fun character-building and STEAM-based activities to social interactions with real staying power.

4. Academic support: Many afterschool programs provide help with homework. This is very helpful for kids who struggle with homework at home or who can’t sit down to do it until late. 

The all-inclusive weekly tuition at Kids ‘R’ Kids takes care of a child’s learning over and above the usual.

5. Discover interests and talents: Learning after school may span across varied topics such as robotics, science, art, music, or dance. Exposure to this variety of activities allows children to discover their interests and for parents to identify a talent in their children that can be nurtured. These sessions aren’t tests but fun and meaningful ways of self-discovery and acquire collaborative skills.

The Kids ‘R’ Kids’ before and after school program, holiday breaks, and summer camps are designed to help kids dig a little deeper and find those ambitions, traits, and talents that will help them discover and develop their hidden potential.

6. Physical health: Before and after school programs give more opportunities to children to indulge in physical activities like swimming, tennis, running, or any sport that allows movement. In a time where children are becoming addicted to gadgets and moving away from outdoor play, these programs bring children back to a better lifestyle and consequently better health. 

7. Build confidence: Children who feel out of place at school or have minor learning challenges benefit tremendously from before and after school programs. Children may be more willing to try new things and take more positive risks. 

Some children, for instance, don’t ace their Maths test because their creative intelligence is more dominant. They may find their confidence boosted in before and after school programs in activities they resonate with. This confidence may slowly extend to other areas that matter, eventually. Discovering their hidden potential empowers them to show up in areas that may not be their forte.

Why Kids ‘R’ kids?

The philosophy of “Hug First, Then Teach”, defines every aspect of what Kids ‘R’ Kids, Circa Fishhawk stands for. Unlike many daycare centers or childcare providers, its methodology is a whole-child approach. It constantly strives to strengthen and encourage every child’s emotional, intellectual, social, and physical well-being through the expertise of its childcare providers and a unique partnership with parents.

Kids ‘R’ Kids International is accredited by AdvancED®, the world’s largest education community, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS/CASI). SACS/CASI is an accreditation division of AdvancED®. This accreditation ensures that the high accreditation standards are met and exceeded.  

Call today at (813) 654-7000 to learn more about the Kids ‘R’ Kids before and after school programs (Kindergarten to Grade 5) or to schedule a visit.

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