How to Find a Summer Camp Program: Tips for Parents
Wednesday, April 28th 2021, 11:15 AM

Kids ‘R’ Kids Provide Four Tips for Parents To Find the Perfect Summer Camp Program

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A summer camp program is a traditional part of childhood in America, and there are good reasons why so many adults look back on that time with fond memories. Summer camp experiences help children learn essential life skills and independence away from their parents. It also guides them with supportive role models in their counselors and teachers, like those at Kids ‘R’ Kids of Lithia, Florida.

How to Find the Right Summer Camp Program for Every Child

The search for the right summer camp program can be a fun family event with these four tips in mind:

#1 Start With A Day Camp

Day camps are a great way to test the waters and see if a child is ready for the summer camp overnight experience. Whether in the form of childcare or after-school programs, day camps give Pre-K kids the experience of many residential camp activities without the sleepaway commitment. A preschool child is capable of providing feedback when picked up daily, so it is easy to discover the activities they enjoyed the most and look for longer camps that emphasize these areas.

#2 Variety is the Spice of Camp Life

Preschool children are typically interested in a wide variety of activities, and those interests change every day (sometimes, over the course of a single day). Why not try summer camp and after-school care programs that feature art, science, music, and sports activities? The children will be able to find and foster their interests while settling on their favorites over time.

Letting a child discover their special skill or interest area is a wonderful gift. The summer camp program they choose will then be able to further reinforce who they are and what they might like to do in their lives if given a chance.

#3 Research The Details

While family tradition and word of mouth are helpful, it is more accurate to research the camps together. It is easier to gauge how interested the child is in the camp if they are involved in the process. Take a tour of the facilities with them, whether it is childcare, after-school camp, or sleepaway summer camp program. 

The chance to walk the grounds, see the facilities, and meet the counselors and staff is a great way to see the camp’s potential and how the child responds to it. It is also wise to check references, including the American Camp Association (ACA) accreditation. For some school and childcare facilities, this accreditation may not seem relevant but check the credentials nonetheless. 

Ask questions and get to know their policies or use the Find-A-Camp web tool to find camp programs. It is a comprehensive database of camps broken down by location, types of programming, and length of camping sessions.

#4 Make The Search Fun

The search process can be fun as an activity on its own. Let children be a part of the research and encourage them to explore options, try new things, and participate in the decisions. Ownership in the process is important, and knowing they have some control will help them enjoy the summer camp experience even more.

Kids ‘R’ Kids offers various childcare options, after-school programs, and summer camp programs for all ages. Their VPK programs include summer camp options for junior and senior campers. Call them at (813) 654-7000 for more information or visit the premises at 5815 Kids Crossing Dr, Lithia, FL 33547.

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